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Industry-Leading Capabilities

CNC Drilling

The well-equipped metal fabrication facility at Ben Parker Co. houses industry-leading equipment for fabrication, such as our Ocean Avenger Plus CNC drill and the Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line. This machine is versatile and capable of a variety of drilling jobs.

Capabilities of the Ocean Avenger Plus CNC Single Spindle Drill Line: 

  • Flange drilling
  • Web drilling
  • Automatic sequencing from one section to the next
  • Mills slots and cutouts
  • Scribes Part Numbers and Layout lines
  • Angles
  • Plate detail
  • Structural tubes
  • Girders
  • T-sections
  • Rails


  • Maximum 60 ft. section length
  • Maximum beam size 42”

Capabilities of the Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line: 

  • Drill holes
  • Punches holes and slots
  • Cut to length


  • Up to 6″ x 6″ x 5/8″ angles